Pillar Meditation

Activate your Pillar of Light

Yay! I am honored to share with you this powerful guided meditation and energy transmission to Activate our Light Pillars, Anchor 5D Frequencies and Ground our Essence deep into the Earth Grid. 

As we each stand within ourselves as unified, Individuated Beings, we can finally stand beside each other in Unity. No more projections, no more leaning on others, just each of us standing in our Inner Light as the Divine Vessels We Truly Are.

*This meditation was a live offering on the Winter Solstice of the 21st of December 2023. The one I offered in 2022 can also be found below. Enjoy both of them in audio or video format. You can bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you want to re-experience and enjoy these powerful guided meditations.

Benefits of doing this Meditation:

You will be a Pillar on the cutting edge of our collective awakening that holds, sustains, anchors  and amplifies Ascension Waves as they spread deeper and deeper into the fabric of Humanity. 

You will speed up the transmutation of the energetic systems we have been working with for a long time that are no longer adequate to the level of frequency we can absorb and embody.


Activate your Pillar of Light – 2023

You have the option of watching or listening to the ‘Activate Your Pillar of Light’ Meditation. The audio version can be downloaded by right clicking on the sound bar and choosing ‘save audio as’ (it will save it to your device, most likely in your ‘Downloads’ folder).

Activate your Pillar of Light – 2022

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