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Welcome to the 2024 edition of the Joyful Soul Expansion Mentorship Program – Activating our Pillars of Light : The Journey from Ego Integrity to Soul Sovereignty

This series of Teachings, Guided Meditations and Activations covers the first half of the year of the 2024 edition of JSEMP. This year we are going deep into the structural work needed for us to stand as Pillars of Light anchoring in the 5D (and beyond) frequencies into the Earth Grid.

Organized into 4 main parts, the calls from January to June focus on structural work to build a strong foundation and integrated system of balance points in the Auric Field by bringing more and more embodied presence into and through 4 main axes/planes to create a deep harmonization of our energies in all directions.

I feel SOUL BLESSED to be on this journey with you and hope you really enjoy the work we do together. I’m with you all the way! Reach out anytime you need to, I am honored to be your Guide as well as your Joyful Soul Expansion Companion!

Julie ♥ Claire

Ready to Expand and Flow?

Access the part you want to work on by choosing it below. Please follow the sequence in order at least once before going back and re-visiting the ones you preferred.

Part 1

The Central Vertical Line : Exploring Ascending and Descending Energies

Part 2

The Left and Right Sides :  Exploring Potential and Fulfillment Energies

Part 3

The Front and Back : Exploring the 3 Energies of Psyche – Will, Reason and Emotion

Part 4

The Inner and the Outer : The Flow of Energy from Core to Boundary and Boundary to Core

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