Joyful Soul Expansion Mentorship Program ♥ Monthly Payment Option


Mentorship Program – One Year – Pay Per Month Option at 97$/month (Pay in Full option is 997$/year)

The Joyful Soul Expansion Mentorship Program has arrived!  This is a year-long group program focused on developing and fine-tuning your energetic discernment and psychic abilities so you can master powerful energy tools and experience eye-opening inner journeys that will prepare your energy bodies and your Being for Ascension into the 5th dimension.  ♥

Feel lovingly held in an energetic container that offers you a safe space with like-minded souls all working together to : ♥

  • Build strong inner foundations so we can ground our Essence deep into Gaia’s core,
  • Align our Body-Mind Connection so we can fully integrate and release stagnant energies from our bodies,
  • Activate the Sacred Heart Space so we can feel and heal childhood wounds and other types of traumas,
  • Awaken the Spiritual Dimension so we can access and Divine Self and express Divine Will;
  • Ascend into the 5th Dimension and discover how beautiful we truly are as we Joyfully Expand into our Souls!!! ♥

Watch this video for a living example of what we will be doing in this program as well as more details about its format.

I am SO PROUD OF YOU for answering your SOUL CALLING and I am DEEPLY HONORED to be of service to your Joyful Soul Expansion.  I feel SO BLESSED that you trust me to accompany you in your self-healing process. I am devoted to this work and I thank you from the center of my Spiritual Heart for choosing to walk beside me as we do this amazing work during these times of transformation!  ♥

Julie♥Claire, Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Energy Healer, and more than anything else, Your Joyful Soul Expansion ♥

PS. The Pay in Full Option gives you a great bonus : a private 2 hour energy healing session with me worth 250$. If your budget can handle it, seriously consider this option. If its possible for you to find the funds, go back and choose the Pay in Full Option. ♥

PPS. You will receive another email within 48 hours with your link to log into our mentorship space. In the meantime, feel free to join the Joyful Soul Expansion FB Group and Subscribe to the Joyful Soul Expansion Youtube channel. ♥


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