Sacred Heart Flow Series

Enjoy this beautiful series of guided meditations that bring you deep into your Sacred Heart Space and its expansive Flow

'These Sacred Heart Flow meditations have been so transformative for me, who knew it could be so easy to feel my heart so deeply! Julie Claire's ability to channel such colorful and powerful imagery is a true gift. I am so grateful to you Julie, thank you so much!'
-Karine Dubuc

Each meditation starts with a short and concise introduction to Phase 1 of the Multi Dimensional Harmonization Method and then brings you into a beautiful journey into your Spiritual Heart. 

Throughout this series of Guided Meditations you will experience :

A simple 3 step process to get you out of your thinking mind and into your feeling body.

A direct connection to your Sacred Heart Space and its natural state of Love, Joy and Flow.

A deeper relationship to your True Self as a vast consciousness that has no limits to its expansion.

'Wow! Wow! Wow! I have thoroughly enjoyed these meditations and regularly come back to them. Each one is special and unique and gives you such a beautiful experience. I want more!'
-Louise Labelle

Are you ready to Expand and Flow?

I offer you this series of 11 Guided Meditations for $111.

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