Healing Sexual Trauma and Unleashing the Goddess of Creativity

Some of the most awesome healing I have witnessed, in my own journey and in women that I have been honored to assist in their own inner journeys, is the healing of sexual trauma. I want to share some of these journeys with you. I will tell you all about my own story in full disclosure, whereas for others I will do so anonymously, in deep respect for the right to privacy of the women involved.

There is a place with the Landscape of the Soul from which we can access our reproductive system in its etheric and astral aspects. The etheric aspect allows us to assess the health state of the reproductive organs, and the astral aspect shows us what energies are in there, some from us (beliefs, decisions, traumas), others we are carrying that are not from us, rather we absorbed them (from close ones, from cultural beliefs, from our abusers, etc). All of these energies we carry within our energy system are all visible from within the symbolic structure of your reproductive system.  Not only are they visible but they are very much alive and can be interacted with. When we do an Inner Journey into the reproductive system, the goal is to interact with all these energies, assess what they are, where they come from, reclaim what is ours and extract what is not.

Healing sexual trauma in its many forms is absolutely essential to tapping into the depths of spiritual and creative power women have access to from this place. Why?  because deep within every woman’s uterus resides a Goddess of Creativity, and I have never in over 18 years of practice met 2 alike! Let that sink in for a second… That is how majestically awesome we are: we literally and uniquely each have our own Goddess residing within our reproductive system, deeply connected to our body and its needs. She can give advice, offer healing rituals, suggest plants to consume, and so much more! But to connect with her, the environment she inhabits needs to be healthy, just like you need a healthy heart to feel your Soul and a healthy mind to converse with your Spirit. 

I want to share with you the story of my own sexual healing, as a woman who experienced incest as a child.  Before this healing, I was unable to experience sexual pleasure other than by touching myself, and have very deep-seated trust issues towards men. Furthermore, I had such a self-loathing relationship with my body, that I mostly starved and poured gallons of coffee into as my main energy source, that I had even stopped having menses for almost 2 years by the time I met the Master Alchemist who took me under his wing (I was 25 at the time).

Aspects I will discuss (please come back later as I am still working on writing this story!) : the first encounter with my uterus and the refusal to become woman that had stunted its growth, the beginnings of ovarian cancer, the vagina lining and discovery of what yeast infections are. Once the organs were brought back to health, freeing the Goddess of Creativity from the torture cage she was trapped in, surrounded by entities and energies from my abusers as well as from my own self-hatred (a scene straight out of Gladiator). Working with the  Goddess of Creativity, the deep re-connection to my Feminine Essence, the resurgence of my artistic expression, the healing rituals with the wood necklace, the trip to Costa Rica and the Soul that came through me.

As much our inability to experience sexual pleasure than non biologically-based infertility issues often have deep spiritual roots and emotional foundations, that sometimes stretch beyond this present lifetime. (more to come I promise!)


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