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I LOVE sharing the multiple teachings I have been blessed to receive in my many adventures across time and space, and to share them as videos seems the most fitting.  I have multiple years of experience in teaching positions, ranging from University classroom contexts to community-based workshops, from year-long trainings in various healing modalities to very hands-on workshops to learn, apply and master multiple energy tools. Although I have taught in many contexts that required a lot of structure, I also learnt to channel courses in real-time, which requires being in spontaneous heart flow instead of mind structure. As you will notice, I don’t script in advance nor edit the videos I create. Feel free to VISIT AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL to explore all my videos and receive notification as soon as a new video comes out! ♥


I also LOVE sharing my theoretical and experiential learning adventures by using the power of the written word. I spent over a decade of my life in the academic world, writing articles, dissertations and structured class materials, breaking down complex multi-layered systems of thought into bite-sized easy to digest parcels of information. Unfortunately the power of science to explain things tends to leave us feeling like empty vessels, physical beings lost in a world devoid of meaning, magic, and deep connection with Life. So I left that building years ago and use my abilities to structure information to bring us back into meaning and magic. Subscribe to my Embodied Wisdom Newsletter to joyfully expand our Souls together, receive teachings about energy tools and healing modalities, and read heart-based Soul expansion stories!  ♥

The Expansion of Frequencies and Evolution of Meditation

Frequencies are increasing everywhere around us, as was predicted a long time ago by many ancient cultures. This change in frequency affects us all – when I say all I mean EVERYTHING evolving in this universe, including (but not limited to) the worlds of minerals, plants, animals, human beings, our planet Gaïa (who is also a being), our solar system,

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The Feminine and Masculine Aspects of Mystical Alchemy

Mystical Alchemy (also known as Soul Alchemy or Royal Alchemy) has a feminine and a masculine aspect to it that are ideally developed in conjunction one with another. The masculine side involves mantras, symbols and advanced processes we use to work directly on the structure of the subtle bodies, and the feminine side involves journeys into the Landscape of the

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Mystical Alchemy and Soul Landscape Journeys

Mystical Alchemy, for me personally, has been one the most powerful practices I have been blessed to experience in the course of my own self-healing process that started 20 years ago. I am so grateful to have received this teaching during a 2 year apprenticeship,  back in 2002, with a Master Alchemist named Jacques Tombazian (who is now deceased) at

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Working with Colors in the Soul Landscape

Just want to share some descriptions of the effects of colors, your main discernment tools within the landscape to assess the nature of what is there. I also want to describe the properties of many other colors in terms of their unique highly specialized healing frequencies and offer you examples of how to combine them to do very specific work

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In no way do I consider that the teachings I received are independent stand alone techniques rather than pieces of a much greater tapestry of Healing Arts, so I also LOVE sharing other healing modalities taught by other energy healers, peers and good friends. Here are some fun moments with other energy workers that I like to call ‘Healer Hangouts’, during which we share with you and offer to you a taste of our unique energy healing styles. Sometimes we present them separately, other times we blend them together.  We’ve also had some fun interviewing each other, and I look forward to adding more fun moments to this section soon! ♥

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