I am Soul Honored to be your Guide along this beautiful and powerful journey into upgrading your energetic system to receive the high frequency waves of Awakening presently assisting our Ascension process as we evolve from a 3rd Dimensional to a 5th Dimensional consciousness.

This entire series will open up the Physical and Energetic doorways through which these waves are absorbed as particles, thereby amplifying and speeding up the transformation of your existing energetic structure.

We are not only evolving from a 3D to a 5D world, we are also evolving as Beings from 3rd Density to 4th Density. This is a process that normally and naturally takes thousands of years but, during this amazing time we are living in, we are assisted from deep within and high above to evolve at a faster pace.

My recommendations, as you dive into this adventure into your Soul Structure with me, are as follows :

1-DON'T OVERDO IT. Please aim for a maximum of 1 module per week, and slow down if you find Ascension symptoms getting too intense.

2-DRINK LOTS OF WATER. You are literally working on restructuring deep systemic-level structures within you all the way to the core of your cells, so give your body what it needs to process and renew itself (water, healthy foods, time in nature, relaxation).

3-ENJOY THE RIDE! This really is an adventure and we get to live in an amazing time period that is quite unique in the fabric of the Space-Time Continuum.

I'm with you all the way! Reach out anytime you need to, I am honored to be your Guide as well as your Joyful Soul Expansion Companion.

Julie ♥ Claire


On this page you have access to all the calls of Module 1 of the Ascension Particles Activation Series. You will receive your login information to access the entire series shortly. Please give yourself an entire week to energetically digest the guided meditations and activations offered in the videos of this first module.


Calibrating our Inner Light
to Universal Intelligence


In the first part of this call, you will learn about the planetary and individual transition from 3D to 5D consciousness that is shifting human experience from the individual mental interface into a sense of unity with all that is, and grounding this awakening into the Heart and Soul. You will receive key information on how our physical and energy bodies are processing this transition and be introduced to the subtle particles assisting it. You will also learn about the physical and subtle doorways that enable us to receive these particles, so you can begin to consciously amplify your own vessel’s receptivity and openness to them.


During this meditation, you will be dropping into your body and deep into your Sacred Heart, allowing it to shine through your whole body like a sun that is activating the light at the heart of each cell. You will softly tune into the doorway of the skin, awakening and gently opening its capacity to receive the solar particles emanating from the sun, enhancing your ability to receive information and nourishment directly from it. You will also be experiencing and activating the nostrils as physical doorways enabling you to receive and amplify Prana through slow and conscious breathing. This work will be gently integrated deep in the central sun within you. After integration, listen to the participants share about sun gazing, pranic nourishment and imagining life without physical food.


In the first part of this call, you will explore the theme of the collective unconscious : how its dynamics can play out in your reality as a highly sensitive soul, and how you can hold your own presence and core intent throughout its waves. You will be invited to open up to downloads & discernments relating to the distinction between helping and being of service. You will learn about your cellular intelligence and its ability to receive high frequency information without the interface of your mind.

During the meditation, you will connect with 2 of the 9 physical doorways which allow you to receive and absorb high frequency pranic particles : the nostrils. From a deeply grounded heart centered space, you will be lifted above the level of the collective unconscious on a platform from which you will receive activations of the Light within you. Through the practice of conscious alternate nostril breathing, you will open up to receiving solar and galactic waves and particles that will activate and amplify the prana within you. You will experience the embodiment of simultaneously receiving and emanating these high frequencies.

After the meditation, you can listen to participants sharing about their experiences and discussing ascension symptoms that relate to the sense of hearing.

Please give yourself an entire week to energetically digest the guided meditations and activations offered in the videos of this first module. You will receive your login information to access the entire Ascension Particles Activation Series shortly. If you do not received your login information soon please reach out to me directly at :

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