My greatest asset is my ability to go deep within the serious stuff with you and help you transform it with lots of love and laughter. As anyone can tell you who has ever worked on healing themselves from traumatic experiences, or freeing themselves from limiting beliefs and deep-seated fears, or working through challenging situations that require stepping into a ‘bigger version’ of themselves, it is not easy to go beyond the ‘safe zone’ of the life you’re living! It takes a lot of courage to fully face, embrace and dissolve the fear structure that keeps you ‘stuck-in-safe’, and truth be told, all the magic happens outside of that ‘safe zone’, so let’s remember that and have some fun with this crazy adventure we’re on!

As your Joyful Soul Expansion Companion, my role is to be of assistance to your healing process by bringing you into the frequency of Love and Harmony, centered and deeply connected to your Core Essence. As you bathe in the state of being present within yourself, you and only you will decide what you will do within you with this frequency. If it is happiness that you seek, realize now that happiness happens when you are aligned with JOY, and to align with JOY is to leave the world of EGO and step into the world of SOUL. It really is a simple question of alignment, and what you align with is what you serve: your head that wants to conquer and be right, or your heart that knows Unity and Truth.

I offer Joyful Soul Expansion services such as private one-on-one work and group-based mentorship programs ranging in duration from 3 months to a full year. Want a taste of my ‘energy style’? Check out my YouTube Channel or download the free guided meditation ‘Ground your Essence’, offered as an opt-in on If you want French content, you can also view my Canadian site (

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