My Story

Hello lovely Souls exploring life in a body!

My name is Julie Claire and I am a Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Energy Healer.

I hold Sacred Space and offer Tools of Transcendence to Souls that are waking up and seeking guidance on their Spiritual Journey.

How it began…

Over the past 22 years I have bridged the gap between intellect and intuition, healed from my past and now guide Souls to expand out of the limited mind and awaken to the limitless Beings we truly are.

I had a rough childhood and experienced sexual abuse from family members, had abandonment issues from my father leaving when I was 2 and felt emotionally unsafe with my mother where love was conditional and I had to prove I was worthy of it. By the time I was 15 I was brewing in anger, self-loathing and suicidal tendencies. I was expelled from high school for dealing drugs and left my hometown to become a stripper.

I started to turn my life around 5 years later and was motivated to finish high school, enroll into university and excel academically. However this led to massive burn outs and my first Dark Night of the Soul. I later was introduced to a Master Alchemist who mentored me in the Healing Arts which began a whole new reality for me.

Now as both a Scholar and a Shaman, I converge two very different worlds: the world of academia and the pursuit of intellectual knowledge on one side and the world of spirituality and the pursuit of intuitive knowing and deep feeling on the other. After over 22 years of integrating my life experiences into embodied wisdom, I offer my teaching skills, deep intuition and big picture vision to The Great Work of Our Times: our Ascension into the 5th Dimension. 


As a Scholar and a Shaman…

I merge intellectual knowledge, deep feeling and intuitive knowing.

My deepest passion and ultimate pleasure is to…

Be a guide and companion to those who hear the call and are ready to fully be on this great journey. We are waking up and reconnecting to the heart of our soul, our true home. We are coming back to our spiritual senses and grounding ourselves in our essence. We are remembering and embodying our divinity and standing as pillars to shine our light into this world. 

If you resonate with the frequency of my soul and my words are calling out to you…

If you want to be held in a high-frequency container, guided by my overflowing passion to integrate and harmonize all parts within yourself as a unified whole…

If you want to be assisted by the wisdom I’ve embodied from my own journey of healing..

I am honored to walk beside you and do this work together.

I offer Spiritual Mentorship focused on:

  • Developing psychic abilities
  • Fine tuning intuition
  • Expanding soul powers
  • Increasing energy frequencies

You can experience my work in my small group or 1:1 mentorship programs or 1:1  as well as private packages that range from 6 to 12 months in duration.

To do the work required to become free, live your greatest life, and make a difference in the world, you must have great courage and commitment to go deep, look at places you fear, embrace parts you’ve rejected, and never give up. Julie is an exceptional example of this, which is why she is such a brilliant guide and healer on this path for anyone else who wants to be free and fully embody their greatness and power. She is a modern day shaman and high priestess.”  -DEREK RYDALL

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