Mentorship Program

Spiritual Seeker…

Have you been riding the rocky waves of spiritual awakening and expansion?

Sometimes you feel high on life and other times it feels like you are in the deepest, darkest despair.

The Universe is throwing challenge after challenge at you, and you just can’t seem to get a break or overcome the same gut-wrenching patterns that have haunted you all your life.

It feels scary, exciting, liberating, confusing and lonely all at the same time.

You’ve been on an outer quest for happiness that is never-ending. As soon as you achieve that feeling you have been yearning for, it quickly fades away and you are brought back to the reality that you feel empty and endlessly searching outside of yourself with how to fill the hole.

Do you want to reconnect to your joy for life, finally feel free and end this long quest?

My gift and purpose is to guide those called to be Pillars for the Awakening of Humanity by helping them joyfully expand into their Soul.

The Benefits of Joyful Soul Expansion are:

Healing the Psyche

As you remember Who You Truly Are, you heal the psyche by bringing the light of consciousness to the wounds buried deep in the subconscious mind and achieve peace and balance within.

Receiving Guidance

Strengthen your intuition and develop your ability to contact and converse with the multidimensional aspects of your Being that inhabit the spirit plane, for guidance and support.

Fulfilling Potential

As you discover and align with your Soul’s Intent for incarnating on Earth, your life takes on a much deeper meaning and it feels exciting and purposeful to be alive at this pivotal time.

Are you ready to stop cycling through the same patterns, traumas and mental loops? Then come ground deep into your Core with me as your Mentor on this year-long journey to joyfully expand into the Heart of your Soul.

Meet your Guide…

My greatest asset is my ability to go deep within the serious stuff with you and help you transform it with lots of love and laughter. 

As anyone can tell you who has ever worked on healing from traumatic experiences, freeing themselves from limiting beliefs and deep-seated fears and working through challenging situations that require stepping into a bigger version of themselves, it is not easy to go beyond the ‘safe zone’ of the life you’re living! 

It takes a lot of courage to fully face, embrace and dissolve the fear structure that keeps you ‘stuck-in-safe’. And, truth be told, all the magic happens outside of that ‘safe zone’, so let’s remember that and have some fun with this crazy adventure we’re on!

Highly focused on mentoring you in increasing your energetic discernment and fine-tuning your psychic skills and tapping into your intuition, in this group program I will help you:


Develop your ability to confidently use powerful energy tools so you can heal your core wounds, expand your consciousness and gain momentum in your spiritual awakening process



Seal the energy leaks in your auric field so you can nip in the bud what causes big emotional dips and drains your life force which leads to burn out that can take months to recover from



Discover hidden blocks and melt away multiple layers of resistance and sabotage patterns, expand your powerful energy, connect and beam out your unique Soul frequency.


Reconnect to your inner child by releasing fear and anxiety patterns so you can freely feel and embody its natural, happy, playful energy.


Be held in an energetic container that stabilizes your energy field as you go through various thresholds that come up when we do energy healing work.


Receive guidance, support and energy uplifts as you reconnect with your true self and deepen your expansion into your Soul dimension.


Play with energy tools in a safe, confidential environment so you practice at your own pace and have fun gaining a love-based mastery over the various parts within you.


Harvest the power of working in a group setting with like-minded souls with similar intentions and desires to access deeper and deeper levels of spiritual truth and divine connection.


Be able to ask questions, receive personal advice and feedback throughout the duration of this mentorship, and develop supportive relationships with fellow Light Allies.

How to know if this Mentorship is for you:

You know deep down you need to be lovingly guided through this season of healing and expansion and won’t get very far alone

You’re desiring a community of like-minded Souls who get you and understand the challenges and initiations you’ve been through

You miss feeling exhilarated by life, and a sense of joy and fulfillment from within

You are ready to unleash your full Soul Essence out into the world and shine your light to inspire others around you

You feel passion stir within and know with every cell of your being your purpose is to serve the collective through the ascension process

You are ready to break free from old self sabotaging patterns and feel grounded, free, liberated and expanded

You are yearning to unlock your full range of spiritual gifts and capabilities and desire to connect with your Guides more clearly and deeply

You are ready to find your way back home, deep in the Heart of your Soul and connect with other Light Allies on the same path as yourself

Together, as a consciously united group, we:


strong inner foundations in order to ground our God Essence deep into Gaia’s core


our Body-Mind Connection to fully integrate and release stagnant energies from our bodies


our Sacred Heart Space to feel and heal childhood wounds and  traumas


our majestic Soul and discover just how beautiful and majestic we truly are 


our spiritual dimension to access our Divine Self and express Divine Will

My wish for you is to fully inhabit your Soul and your life and to finally feel free and liberated!
If you feel the nudge within you and you know this is the next step you need on your healing and spiritual expansion journey, take this glorious leap of trust in yourself.
We, your fellow Light Allies, are waiting for you!

Mentorship Program Options:

125$ / month

2 live group calls per month, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday

200$ / month

2 live group calls per month + a 45 minute integration session

325$ / month

2 live group calls per month + a 2 hour deep dive session

*You can also purchase bundles of calls from previous years, please visit the Courses section for more information.

Ready to join us?

There is an application process to join my mentorship group or embark on a 1:1 mentorship with me.  I invite you to click on the button below to access the application form and book a free session with me so we can feel our connection and assess if my mentorship programs are right for you at this time in your spiritual journey.


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