The Expansion of Frequencies and Evolution of Meditation

Frequencies are increasing everywhere around us, as was predicted a long time ago by many ancient cultures. This change in frequency affects us all – when I say all I mean EVERYTHING evolving in this universe, including (but not limited to) the worlds of minerals, plants, animals, human beings, our planet Gaïa (who is also a being), our solar system, and beyond. These energy fluctuations affect us deeply and can be experienced as very disruptive to inner equilibrium, difficult on the body and strenuous on the psyche. We are being (gently but willfully) ‘pushed’ toward waking up out of our long slumber down into the shadows, called upon to bring the light of consciousness into the darkened corners of the subconscious.

The souls that are awakening (often those who have had many incarnation cycles here on earth and have done deep work to transcend victim-bully dynamics that are a huge theme for most of us) are already doing the work involved in dissolving various systems that have greatly limited our ability to expand our awareness of being conscious creators. They are courageously reconsidering the beliefs that feed roles and identities, choosing new ways of thinking, feeding new energies into specific parts of the brain, especially the reptilian and limbic systems where most fear reactions are programmed. They are not alone in this process, as many others have come from far away to participate and further aid this process of expanding consciousness during this HUGE transition time. Some of them came back only to fulfill this purpose, others who had never been here came only for this and will leave after (will not be doing incarnation cycles like us). If only all of us could see how exciting this period we are living in truly is, the energy ‘push’ would be experienced with deep gratitude, and we would be celebrating this ‘coming of a new dawn’. I feel deep gratitude for the help we are receiving from various energies and beings, and funny enough this is not a situation where we are seen as ‘less than’, quite the contrary actually, for the most part it is awe that is felt toward us – it takes a lot of courage to come experience this dimension governed by the archetype of separation and fear-based limitations!

As this energy pushes on the global evolution of Humankind’s psyche and the social structures it manifests, calling on them to become more inclusive and respectful of Life in all its manifested and non manifested forms, so too does this energy push on established systems devoted to accessing and awakening consciousness. Meditation is one of these systems, and it too is evolving. Many ‘new’ meditative platforms are emerging at this time, which is not to say that we need to throw out the old ones but rather, that we be willing to explore these emerging platforms and experience their effects. Especially for us Westerners, the meditative practices that involve ‘trying to not think’ can sometimes be done for years without achieving the stillness behind the thoughts. Our hyper focus on left-brain development and analytical thinking, our overemphasis on using the senses and the physical world as the foundation for the production of knowledge, and our educational systems that lack, at all levels, acknowledgement of the importance of ‘going within’ to experience the inner peace underneath fear-based thinking patterns, now coupled with even more fast-paced ‘entertainment’ from new media formats, have all contributed to our hyperactive and compartmentalized minds running the show.

When I say ‘new’ meditation platforms and techniques, it should be noted that some are very ancient and are being rediscovered in our ‘Information Age’ in which many things that had been suppressed (mostly for reasons of being able to control the masses and keep them subjugated) are coming back to awareness. But not all are re-discovered, some are new, in the sense that they are being introduced to us now, to help us integrate these new frequencies that are pushing on the present vibratory level of our individual and collective bodies and psyches. As our vibrations elevate, so does our ability to access higher planes of understanding, to discover new ways to organize information, and most importantly, to learn more embodied procedures to access and experience holographic configurations of knowledge.

As I went about my process of learning meditation almost 20 years ago (from working with books, teachers and healers, shamans and alchemists), it became more and more clear that a shift was happening in our abilities to connect to ‘new’ energetic structures. I started ‘downloading’ some of these during shamanic ceremonies, and eventually the ‘downloads’ stopped depending on conducive contexts such as plant molecules and ceremonies and just kept coming in, sometimes at the strangest moments (while driving, while sleeping, in the middle of a conversation, etc.) requiring me to stop whatever I was doing to get the basics down on paper before the impression just fluttered away. I access these in a more structured way now, but it still happens that what seems like a lightning bolt just enters my mind and requires my immediate attention either by drawing the technique or jotting down some basic steps. For those of you reading that know a bit about the different psychic ‘skills’, yes mine is claircognizance (I prefer the term clairknowing as I find that cognition is smaller than knowing but hey, let’s not split hairs too much lol). For those who are less aware of what this means, it basically feels like some helicopter just drops off a package right into the middle of my head, and the ‘unpacking’ is immediate – the whole holograph downloads in one shot, all parts are understood without any reasoning or thinking involved.

The information gathered during these ‘drop offs’, sometimes while experiencing deep meditative states, other times out of nowhere in the middle of some mundane activity, come from high-frequency energies residing in higher planes/dimensions of existence. From these higher planes/dimensions, it is much easier to see what we need than it is for us ‘down here’, who are in this experience, with our biological bodies and survival programs, making us quite blind to the purpose and potential outcome of experiencing – and transcending – fear. Not all information that people channel comes from a place of benevolence and devotion to the highest good of all Life though, it is therefore SO IMPORTANT at this time, with all these energies around us, to learn ways to ‘test’ them before even accepting to converse with them, let alone follow their advice. Just as we learn, with all the information overload we have on a daily basis, to start filtering what we allow to enter our minds, we also need to learn how to filter and develop a finely-tuned ‘bullshit meter’ around which ‘voices’ we accept to listen to. This isn’t only about other-worldly energies, I’m also talking about the crap in our own heads. As above so below! (see my article Get Back on your Throne! for more on this subject)

To those who have been overly brainwashed by materialist science, it can be very difficult to entertain the idea that we are (in) a living universe full of beings of different frequencies and dimensions. No one is asking you to believe something (actually, the goal of growth is to transcend belief, even the ones that feed science). All that is asked is that you be open to learning new things. Judge information by its effect until you can access your inner truth detector system to evaluate its source. Until you do access that inner truth detector system – which is in your heart, not your head – be aware as much as possible that the judge in you is the ego, a fear-based entity that has hijacked your consciousness, and its main goal is to keep you identified with it and what its seeks: human power (to manipulate, control, predict, possess, etc).

If you find yourself having a strong reaction to these statements, observe the reaction and try to dis-identify from it, its just a fear-based system trying to ensure its survival. Question yourself as to whether or not that is what you choose to feed in your life and respect where you’re at – I spent years being aware I wasn’t willing to leave the comfort of my ‘known-zone’, even though it generated a crap-load of negative things in my life. It’s OK to let the process follow its own course – there is an intelligence in you that knows when you’ll be ready. You can still maintain an intention to slowly but surely open up to new ways of thinking, feeling and seeing, knowing deep within that they will emerge at the right time for you.

Loving yourself exactly as you are right now is what matters the most, cause eventually we all get to a place where we’re just able to say ‘done’, and walk away from fear and come back to the Light.

If you feel ready to embark on this awesome journey and you feel resonance with my style of being, it will be my absolute pleasure to become your mentor and teach you how to journey deep into your core and joyfully expand into your Soul, that beautiful Being you truly are! Just don’t think I will heal you – we are all our own healer, my role is to help you remember that, so you can be another part of the whole that awakens and expands the collective soul. That is why I really like calling myself a Joyful Soul Expansion Companion.

Loving all of Humanity and devoting my life to our process of reconnecting to our Galactic community, I graciously bow to the awesomeness of the journey we are on!

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