Mystical Alchemy and Soul Landscape Journeys

Mystical Alchemy, for me personally, has been one the most powerful practices I have been blessed to experience in the course of my own self-healing process that started 20 years ago. I am so grateful to have received this teaching during a 2 year apprenticeship,  back in 2002, with a Master Alchemist named Jacques Tombazian (who is now deceased) at his Institute for Energetic Medicine and Consciousness Studies in Montreal.  I am also deeply honored to continue the legacy of his transformational teachings and powerful energy tools with all of you, my Soul Brothers and Soul Sistars presently incarnated on this Earth Plane! I am inspired to share with you some elements of this teaching/way of living and being, and hope it awakens something in you – an ancestral part of you that is longing to regain its rightful place in your psyche, expand into your body and access your Sacred Heart space. ♥

The ultimate goal of Mystical (also known as Royal) Alchemy is to recognize, awaken and heal your unlimited powers so that your Earthly experience becomes an experience of pure Divinity.
Your Soul has been traveling and having experiences throughout thousands of lives, accumulating massive amounts of knowledge, talents and powers. All of these are stored within your subtle bodies, side by side with your wounds, your false beliefs and your paralyzing fears. To fully activate your powers and attain a vision of Life that is truthful, you need to clear your subtle bodies of the various negative influences and energies accumulated in the course of the many experiences you have had on the Earth Plane.  This clearing is not of a destructive nature. Rather, its nature is alchemical : the idea is to dissolve frequencies of fear (which are very low) surrounding our frequencies of love and consciousness (which are very high) so they – and we- can be restored to our natural state. It is a question of transmutation: vile metals become gold, wounds become great strengths, fears become deep seated wisdom, sadness becomes Universal Love.

Mystical Alchemy is a pro-active process that can greatly increase the pace of your self-healing, the development of your energetic discernment and fine-tuning of your psychic skills.
Why?  Because we travel into spaces within you where you can consciously converse with a wide range of energies that are inhabiting your auric field. We go there not only to converse but to declutter things such as stagnant energies, low frequency fears and beliefs, low frequency beings holding onto things that are rightfully yours (talents, powers, knowledge,etc).  This soul decluttering mostly involves dissolving these lower frequency energies at first, but that is the ‘extraction/psychic surgery’ aspect of the work. There is also a much more expansive aspect of the work that involves transmuting the energies of beliefs and mindsets into much higher frequencies. Doing this kind of work on a regular basis will help develop your intuitive faculties (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairknowing, etc) in a natural and progressive way. With time (and especially practice), it will become much easier and quicker to go within yourself and travel various dimensions of your Being, including deeply buried places – places of unlimited consciousness, free of the trappings of the collective consciousness and other forms of external influences that hinder the incarnated Soul from truly being in its seat of power.

Mystical Alchemy’s main method is Inner Journeys, a very old shamanistic technique by which it is possible to access the symbolic dimension of the Self.
These journeys are all done within a space called the Landscape of the Soul. The Inner Landscape of your Soul is a purely energetic manifestation. It does not exist anywhere external to your Being, but things external to your own energy can inhabit it. At a certain level, all things (objects, entities, etc) that are present in your Inner Landscape received your permission – at a certain point and not necessarily in this incarnation – to be there. Certain energies that reside within you will offer greater resistance to leaving than others. But since this is your Inner Landscape and not theirs, it is up to you and you alone to extract them by reclaiming and taking back your power. (Mystical Alchemy also has a more masculine aspect that involves working with advanced symbols and energy processes such as rituals, click here to find out more.)

The law of Free Will implies that you must know that these energies are present before you can clear them out of you (and if you’re like me, also have fun understanding what they represent as that allows for much deeper integration of what you are releasing, but is not a requirement per say). The Light of consciousness is essential in order to transform low frequencies of fear into high frequencies of Universal Love. Most of the energies external to you that you will encounter in the course of the Inner Journeys are in a certain way trapped within your energy field. Most of them want to be freed but are afraid of what will happen. In other words, their resistance mostly comes from the fact that they are energies whose base is doubt, guilt, anger… that is, lack of self-trust, self-worth and self-love.

The entrance into the Soul landscape involves bringing up energy through your Chakras all the way up to your third eye space. Once you’ve stabilized yourself there, you then visualize a landscape with a tree and a river flowing beside it. Once that image (or feeling) is stable, you walk out of your third eye and into that landscape, in between the tree and the river, which are Tree of your Soul and the River of your Vital Energy. First thing you do once there is make sure you are on the right side of the river by looking at the river and make sure the water current is flowing from right to left. If not, jump over the river and go find the bigger tree on the other side. At first entering the Soul Landscape can be just that: going there and imbuing yourself with the energies there, spending time by the tree, going for a swim in the river, and learning to converse with the Tree by asking it for advice.  My mentor Jacques used to say: everybody should go download their cosmic emails everyday! That is what you are doing when you connect with the Soul Landscape and ask the Tree if it has any messages or advice for you.

From there a wide range of spaces and areas can be explored and traveled into, to declutter energies that no longer serve your evolution and to activate dormant ones that do. Whatever we encounter within the Soul Landscape we work on by using colors, symbols and other modalities by checking in with the Tree of your Soul and asking its advice. It is neither you nor me as egos that decide what gets done here, we always consult with the tree which is a symbolic representation of your entire Being, much wiser than our little egoic mental identities. One of the wonderful aspects of this work is that the results are almost instantaneous: with every clearing and transmuting of energies and healing and expansion of consciousness, the Tree becomes more luminous, developed and healthy (bigger, thicker trunk, more leaves), the River more and more alive and flowing abundantly, and new areas of the Landscape open up, making it vaster and more beautiful/majestic. (For more information about using color frequencies in the Soul Landscape or in general for self-healing, click here to read an article about color frequencies and energy tools.)

There are so many magical places within the Soul Landscape, as well as many magical Light Beings to meet – including those that reside in the Shadow aspects of yourself (yes, even those parts are luminous!). Ideally, at first, you declutter a space with me by your side as a guide, but know my goal is always for you to do it yourself, so I very rarely go back with you into an area we’ve previously gone into. Rather I want to introduce you to the entire Landscape and get you familiar with how to work with energies there and how to get very good at fine-tuning your ‘spiritual BS meter’. There are lot of energies in our Soul Landscape and some are quite intelligent at hiding their true forms and intent. With 20 years of practice under my belt, I’ve pretty much encountered and dealt with a wide array of tactics and situations in there and my goal is to impart to you the tools you need so that you too can develop your energetic discernment and get really good at assessing the nature and intentions of various styles of subtle energies!

I have been blessed to receive these teachings from a Master Alchemist named Jacques Tombazian (now deceased). I am deeply honored to share these teachings and continue his legacy!  If you want to watch a video in which I talk about more about Mystical Alchemy, a peer and good friend of mine, Linda Lang, had me on her podcast called The Mystical Side of Life.  Here is the link to access the Youtube video :

You can reach out if you would like to explore your Landscape with me and journey deep into your core with me as your mentor. Book a free 45 minute session for us to assess if this kind of work is appropriate for you at this time in your journey. ♥


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