Working with Colors in the Soul Landscape

Just want to share some descriptions of the effects of colors, your main discernment tools within the landscape to assess the nature of what is there. I also want to describe the properties of many other colors in terms of their unique highly specialized healing frequencies and offer you examples of how to combine them to do very specific work on energies.

The Landscape of the Soul is a symbolic place that allows you to converse with energies in your subtle bodies. As such, it is a world full of symbols and symbols are multilayered, multifaceted and energy objects that carry many meanings at once. They ALL need to be decoded – I cannot stress this point enough: everything you encounter in your Landscape needs to be decoded!

Why? Because some things hide themselves as good things when in truth they are not things you want to keep, and other things are good but have negative energies attached to them that need to be cleared before you re-integrate them. When I say ‘good’ I mean that are yours and serve your highest good, such as talents, powers, qualities, attributes, etc. There are many other kids of energies in the fabric of reality, some have very low fear-based frequencies and are not ‘good’ for you, as they and have no regard for your highest good and they hold onto parts of you for their own ends (generally speaking as a food source, to keep certain emotions alive, to feed other dimensions, and many other possibilities).

Your energetic discernment muscle, aka your ‘spiritual bullshit meter’, will get stronger and stronger as you do this kind of work and apply these kinds of tools. My ultimate goal is to teach you these tools so you develop strong spiritual boundaries and an emotional and spiritual immune system that is healthy and sturdy. This will allow you to become more and more in tune with energies and get crystal clear on what is in you, around you, in others and between each other – not only being able to feel it but also to decide what is allowed in these spaces.

You have free will but in order to use it properly and have deep authority within you, you need to be able to see truthfully and act accordingly! As you learn to embody more and more of your inner authority, it will ‘trickle’ into your external reality which will shift sometimes very rapidly as you learn to stand in your true power and become the conscious stewart of your reality! Experiencing your power is a good thing, and to keep it healthy requires the wisdom and discipline of using your discernment tools, so don’t get too cocky and keep it real by being self-aware and holding yourself accountable at all times!

A good friend and peer of mine, Linda Lang, that I’ve known for over 20 years and with who I have done many journeys, interviewed me about Soul Alchemy (also known as Mystical Alchemy or Royal Alchemy) and the nature of the work that is accomplished by journeying into the Landscape of the Soul. We talk about how important energetic discernment tools are in order to develop healthy spiritual boundaries, and I give multiple examples of such tools and scenarios to apply them. You can watch this 20 minute video interview by clicking here (or go directly to my Youtube Channel to explore more videos).

So let’s get into this in more depth now.  First I’ll focus on the usual discernment tools we use in the Landscape of the Soul, then on other colors and their specialized healing frequencies – which can be used not only in the Soul Landscape but also in your physical and energetic bodies by directly beaming them into these other ‘spaces’.


VIOLET LIGHT: Whenever you encounter an object in the Landscape, before picking it up or interacting with it, you beam translucent violet light onto it, (like your hand chakra in your palm was a flashlight), and you see if it changes form once you are looking at it through the violet light on it. You ask the violet light ‘what does this represent’ – you’re not asking the object to tell you cause if its hiding what it is can say things that will deviate you from really understanding what that is. Key 1: Ask the violet light itself, do not take for truth what the object would say.

Some objects under the violet light will go from being, let’s say, a diamond to…a spider! These are not objects you wish to keep BUT sometimes they are holding objects that are yours within them… So you use the beam in your hand and you project crystal white light (or golden orange or red, see which one affects it the most) until there is nothing left of the ‘bug’ and maybe something left behind, and you redo the violet light… until its clear it is yours, is a quality of some kind (talent, power, knowledge, piece of your soul, etc) and you telepathically connect to the tree and ask what you are to do with this.

Sometimes you will instructed to put the object into your body at a specific place (your heart for example), sometimes you will be asked to bring it back to the tree and put it in the tree (like it merges and expands the tree), or even to put it in the tree to be used later in another place in your landscape.

DARK BLUE ENERGY SCREEN: If you encounter any kind of Being, ALWAYS make them go through a dark blue screen (think of it as a door shape, but made of dark blue energy, that the Being is asked to literally go through like going through a wall).  Anything negative gets ‘frozen’ in that color… so if the Being goes through but come out different, or refuses to even go through it, you’ve got some good info to work with. Violet light is a bit more tricky with beings, but it still works. Sometimes the figure changes but not enough to conclude it needs to be ‘extracted’ from you, sometimes it needs some healing, in which case the following colors can be very good tools to learn to master.


When using these colors, you can explore them individually OR compound their effect by using them sequentially, by beaming each of them in a row for 5 to 10 seconds each. This can be done as much in the landscape as directly on your energy bodies, physical body, organs and even thoughts, emotions, other people, situations, etc. The usual sequence is RED-EMERALD GREEN-CRYSTAL WHITE-GOLDEN ORANGE-SAPHIRE BLUE-PINK-GOLD

Here is a detailed description of the healing powers of and specific effects related to the main colors used within the framework of alchemical journeys within the Self:

RED : Neutralizes and destroys negative energies. Effective against cancerous cells and infections. Never use directly on the head.

EMERALD GREEN : Promotes development, growth and reconstruction. Effective for bone problems (arthritis) and muscle growth.

TAPIOCA GREEN : Destroys all types of bacterial entities.

CRYSTAL WHITE: Clears non desired energies. Very powerful.

GOLDEN ORANGE: Melts away memories that hinder one’s power. Effective against problems of fertility as well as diabetes. Heals various organs : liver, kidneys, spleen and intestines.

DARK SAPPHIRE BLUE : Stabilizes emotions. Freezes negative frequencies.

SILVERY LIGHT BLUE : Destroys viral entities. Calms the brain.

PINK : Nourishes with the softness of love. Melts away fear/sadness.

VIOLET : Purifying effect. Reveals the true form of things. Promotes mental clarity.

GOLD : Nourishes with the warmness of love. Effective on scars. Destroys germs/microbes (except viral). Eliminates waste. Heals the genital and respiratory organs. Effective on depressive states.

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