The Feminine and Masculine Aspects of Mystical Alchemy

Mystical Alchemy (also known as Soul Alchemy or Royal Alchemy) has a feminine and a masculine aspect to it that are ideally developed in conjunction one with another. The masculine side involves mantras, symbols and advanced processes we use to work directly on the structure of the subtle bodies, and the feminine side involves journeys into the Landscape of the Soul to feel and converse with energies as, for lack of a better way to say it, ‘unfolding stories’.  A truth seeker’s advancement in Mystical Alchemy will be much more balanced and powerful if they simultaneously work on these 2 aspects at once in their quest to attaining the ultimate goal of Alchemy, the transmutation of lower frequencies into much higher ones. Such an endeavor also requires a high level of honestly, responsibility and accountability, so the higher frequency energies can be taken deeply into and fully absorbed by the body, as fluidly as possible.

The goal of all these processes and journeys, whether part of the more masculine or feminine aspects of Mystical Alchemy, is to make room for the immensity of the Light that will come into and through our Light Bodies as the Phases of the Alchemical Awakening are undertaken. These Phases, in a nutshell, correspond to the 5 Planes of Existence, and most Alchemical work for the first couple of years is mostly focused on the fully developing and activating the first 3 Phases named Shiny Black, Shiny White and Shiny Red :

  • The Shiny Black Phase builds the Alchemical Body associated to the Physical Plane
  • The Shiny White Phase builds the Alchemical Soul associated to the Cosmic Plane
  • The Shiny Red Phase builds the Alchemical Spirit associated to the Spiritual Plane

Once these 3 Phases are completed, ‘Enlightenment’ is achieved. Now, it is very important to realize that Enlightenment is just the beginning: to be enlightened means to be in the light, which means to be awake in the dream. Until that happens, we are asleep and most of our lives are, at best, unconsciously lived. Life truly starts once we open our eyes in the dream, then the REAL WORK of fulfilling our Divine Purpose on Earth can begin. The next 2 Phases during which this takes shape and our true purpose is discovered are the Golden and Teal Phases :

  • The Golden Phase builds the Body of Creation associated to the Plane of Creation
  • The Teal Phase builds the Body of the Absolute associated to the Plane of the Absolute

In the texts of many Great Traditions that present the structure of our energy bodies, generally a total of 10 Subtle Bodies containing 70 Major Chakras (that stack up from the Crown upwards) are mentioned, with techniques to expand them in order to develop the full breadth and scope of these subtle bodies. These Subtle Bodies correspond to the 3 Alchemical Bodies in their Shiny Black, Shiny White and Shiny Red Phases. The 7 Chakra system we are all familiar with are contained within the first 3 subtle bodies, that correspond to the Shiny Black Phase.  As we said earlier, these 3 Phases need to be developed to reach Enlightenment and actually start the REAL WORK of fulfilling your Divine Purpose on Earth.

Most humans never develop beyond the Shiny Black Alchemical Phase, which explains a lot about our collective memory loss and the need to come back, over and over again, to re-experience similar events and re-work karmic issues, without much resolve. Why? Because the ability to remember our Soul Purpose and Life missions require advanced faculties that are contained within the higher subtle bodies. If these are not consciously developed while in a physical body, they exist energetically but are not accessible consciously, so we end up ‘stuck in a loop’, in cycles of repeating the past/reliving the same events and dynamics. It’s like we just start over each time with very little access to our greater self and the karmic issues we are seeking to resolve.  So doing the great work of Alchemy within ourselves is a BIG STEP in breaking the chains of what we could call ‘cycles of unconscious re-incarnations’.

It used to take years to do this inner work, which was mostly only taught in Mystery Schools to people that devoted their lives to such teachings and practices. But times are changing…  We are on the cusp of some pretty big transformations and here is where it starts getting really interesting: As we prepare for Ascension into higher dimensions – a quantum leap in our evolution as a species, especially now as the smaller 2500 year cycle of Aquarius is happening in conjunction with the larger ones spanning 25 000 years and an even larger one spanning hundreds of thousands of years our energy systems are also evolving. What used to take years of devoted practice and often social seclusion in a world that was vibrating in low fear-frequencies, has now sped up drastically. Much higher frequency beings are incarnating on Earth and elevating the base frequency of the collective unconscious. Higher frequency energies from other worlds are also beaming into our world, which is helping us retrieve long lost memories of our much larger history in multiple galaxies in the great multiverse we live in.

Nevertheless, preparing our bodies and our psyches for the Ascension process we are in is still of the utmost importance if we are to ground and stabilize all these energies. So although some of the Alchemical processes are slowly but surely replaced with other ones, getting our BASE FOUNDATION nice and solid so we have a STABLE GROUND from which to expand into much higher dimensions of Being without creating too much chaotic energies in the process is a responsibility we still carry.  A good staring point to be a stable anchor for the present expansion we are experiencing is a meditation process that was taught to me by my mentor, Jacques Tombazian, a master Alchemist that is now deceased. This meditation is mantra-based and corresponds to the masculine aspect of Mystical Alchemy.  It can be purchased along with other alchemical tools as part of the bonuses offered by enrolling into my Group Mentorship Program).

The Mantra-Based Chakra Meditation is a wonderful way to stabilize our energy system before replacing it with the more evolved complex system that is starting to emerge.  In my practice I have to come to realize that, for most of us, ensuring that this ‘old’ system be as stable and healthy as possible greatly facilitates the transition into the new one. So although some of us are relatively ready to ‘upgrade’ now, having a solid foundation is better in the long run. We are just entering the new energies and it is a 2500 year cycle so getting our ‘older’ foundations stable, when looked at through the scope of such a time frame, is actually quite small, and will reap its rewards as we start expanding and upgrading throughout the next couple of decades and centuries as a species!

Ideally this meditation in done in conjunction with Inner Journeys within the Soul Landscape. These journeys, that go much deeper into specific energies and stories within our energy bodies in order to transmute their lower frequencies and transform them into happy stories of Joyful Soul Expansion, greatly increase the rate of expansion of our energy bodies. Soul Alchemy Journeys are done through private sessions and can either be purchased in 5 packs or as a 3 month Private Mentorship Package (for which you need to apply by booking a free 45 minute healing session with me).

If you want to explore any of the multiple aspects and facets of Mystical Alchemy with me as your Mentor, know that this is my passion and I am fully devoted to this work. So if you feel the call to expand and re-member Who you truly Are, reach our and BOOK A FREE SESSION during which we feel into how I may best serve you. ♥

It is a great honor and divine pleasure for me to your Light Ally, your ‘Guide on the Side’, your ‘Soul Expansion Companion’!


PS.  To those who enroll in the Group Mentorship Program, session 5 packs are offered at 50% their normal price (contact me for more info). That is my gift to celebrate your commitment to coming into a year-long program to to the Great Work of our Times!!! ♥

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Mystical Alchemy (also known as Soul Alchemy or Royal Alchemy) has a feminine and a masculine aspect to it that are ideally developed in conjunction one with another. The masculine side involves mantras, symbols and advanced processes we use to work directly on the structure of the subtle bodies, and the feminine side involves journeys

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